About Me

Hello, I’m Greg Stanley, and I am a psychic medium who uses my skill with tarot cards for inspiration.

Being both a psychic and a medium means I can better guide you, whether you are in a crisis, at a crossroads, or just feel stuck.As a psychic I can sense your past, present, or future. With my mediumship I can also bring you comfort that life goes on, and that your loved ones are still around, being your cheerleaders. Sometimes I will deliver messages from them about what lies ahead for. I also hear and see spirits and other nonphysical energies.

I was born with a sixth sense that grows stronger over the years the more I use it. I see, hear, sense and sometimes just know about things.

When you have a reading with me all you have to do is sit quietly. I will tune into your energy, and aided by my tarot cards, I can sometimes see your past, present, and future. Many times departed love one will come through with messages and memories which I could not have possibly known. In this way I hope to reassure you that life goes on after death. My readings bring healing and closure to the bereaved.

I do not tell people what they want to hear. I tell them what they need to hear so they can take charge of their life and move ahead. The most challenging information sparks the greatest change for the client’s highest and best good.Truth and love set you free. But don’t worry – I promise to be gentle with you!

Listen to me in action live on radio reading people on Island 98.5’s Checkmate Tuesday’s between 7 and 8 a.m. Hawaiian time, or anywhere in the US through iHeartRadio 98.5 FM. I blow away people with the accuracy of what I know about their relationships.

I have done spots on Q92 radio in Ohio, and been a guest on the Inspiring Lives Show hosted by Samantha Iha-Preece on 650AM Honolulu. I have also worked psychic events.

I have had psychic and mediumship abilities all my life and started using my gifts to help others professionally in 2011. Since then I have done thousands of readings and advised people of different backgrounds, religions, ages, and ethnicity all over the world.

I am a fun guy who talks, but also listens. I am also Ordained Minister of the Church of Radiant Lights.

I have climbed many of life’s mountains. Please give me the privilege of helping you climb yours. You have more control than you think!

Aloha is more than the Hawaiian word for hello and goodbye. It means Love. That is why it is my sign off is Aloha!