Spotting Scammers

Most psychics and mediums are honest people who want to help, although of course they are not equally gifted and all have times when “tuning in” is hard. But be on your guard against the less well-intentioned and out-and-out fraudsters. If someone tells you are cursed, or tells you they cannot “read you” because “your Chakras are blocked,” and they can lift that curse for a fee, states that you are in imminent danger, offers to cast a spell for you, get out of there, fast! 

Honorable psychics may sometimes suggest another session if they run out of time and there is more to say, but they will never push you. So, if they pressure you to see them again, consider that a red flag. 

Be alert that without prior knowledge someone can find out lots about you from “cold readings.” Your body language, the words you use, even intakes of breath can give a lot away about you. They may be sensitive, but there is nothing supernatural about them!

Cold readers make random generalities, emphasize their lucky guesses and quickly moving on from their unlucky ones.

And if someone knows your name in advance they can present the information gleaned from your social media presence as psychic insights.

Beware of psychic hotlines. Some are run by genuine people wanting to help, but you could end up with clock-watchers more interested in repeat business than your welfare.

Before seeing a reader do a little homework. Google can save you money and heartache. Often a personal recommendation works best.